STEYR 760 Plus basic version v1.6.0
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Мod  STEYR 760 Plus basic version v1.6.0  for Farming Simulator 2019


 Steyr 760 Plus 2WD.
This version will be expanded / updated.

Version 1.6.0 Steyr 760 Plus
- Moddesk revised
- front counterweight removed
- Added release "Steyr" - FL (purchased)
- the cabin of Lungstein was removed (760a)
- Hood Fritzmair (760a) removed

Engine: STEYR WD 408.44
Transmission: Steyr 16g / 8r gearbox Synchronized, 30 km / h
Tank capacity: 83l
Net weight: 2580 kg
BJ: 1973
Power: 60 hp

Standard wheels: v: Trelleborg 215 / 75R17.5 h: Michelin 420 / 85R30
Twin tires: h: Trelleborg 420 / 85R30
Double tires: h: Trelleborg 230 / 95R44
Speedometer, animated / backlit temperature display
Hose connection ready
2 DW control units mounted via wishbone
stronger ESP (injection pump) purchased (+ 10 hp)
Stoll FL console is bought
B-lul (rust)
A cover with or without a door is bought
Ackerschiene installed
Original sound recording (from companion Steimodder its 760)
Animated Flap
Animated wiper (in the rain)
Transition to the power steering
2 AtacherJoints are installed in front (1 trailer, 1 trailer and 1 low trailer for a purchased front counterweight)
2x AtacherJoint trailer mounted at the rear

Credits: STEYR Modding Team


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