John Deere R-Series Pack by BC6 v1.0.1.0
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- Large Michelin tires, modified and adapted
> Dimensions, weight options, cereXBib removed

Contains: 6R, 7R and 8R
- The inner chamber fits on the seat, the inner view now makes movement with the seat
- The position of the camera has been slightly corrected, but it works differently for everyone, linked to the field of view settings
- Slightly extended wear intervals
- Installed license plate
- Customizable parts (deer on the hood, interior trim or both)
- Choice of rim color yellow or black
> The wheel hubs must be black, because they cannot choose the color or adapt to the corresponding color of the wheels, at least there is still no possibility to detect it.
- Beep sound updated

6R: 2 new Motorconfigs + various additional Radconfigs
7R: Michelin tire with counterweights added

Credits: Bonecrusher6


Dowload31.9 MB

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