MOD Manager v3.3.2
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This version supports FarmingSimulator 19 and FarmingSimulator 17.

When you first start, if the program detects two installed games at once, you will be asked in which mode to work. In the same window, you can enable or disable the query before each launch of the manager. Also, the selected mode can be changed in the settings. When a single game is detected, the manager will start up in the appropriate mode.
Categories for 17 farms, I had to adjust to the new interface.
Also in the "All Modifications" menu, icons appeared on the mods indicating which game they are for, you can check if mods are installed by mistake. You can disable the icons in the same place in the pop-up menu at the top by clicking the gear icon.
The same icon will be displayed during the installation of mods.
German language added to the program, thanks - Dominik

From the main fixes:
- Fixed crash when opening "Mod Packs"
- Fixed a problem when the program could crash when loading mods.
- categories are fixed in the "Uncategorized" section (erroneous, or from the wrong version of the simulator)

The editor has been improved, now the value of the first tag (without children) is also being edited.

P.S. Google often blocks feedback for security reasons.

Changes v 3.3.2:
- Fixed crashes during loading mods. An error occurs in the external library that the program uses when loading dds. Now, if this error occurs, you will see the inscription "failedtoshow", instead of departure.
- Fixed saving sorting.
- Fixed display of inactive mods at the beginning or end of the list.
- For the 17th version of the game, I returned the creation of categories.

To run the program, you need to have Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1 installed on your PC.

Credits: MaZeSa


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