2014 Pickup with semi-trailer and autoload v1.0
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Mod 2014 Pickup with semi-trailer and autoload v1.0 for Farming Simulator 2019

2014 he is pickup with the following configuration options
main color
rim color
Color for fender flares
Color for front bumper
Color for roof lighthouse
Color for roll and grill
Nokian Extreme Tires
Trelleborg extreme tires
More engine options
I have a lighthouse and a speed camera on a car and a trailer
Unfortunately, at the moment it is not possible to configure more than 6 colors in the store.
There are 2 semi-trailers
equipment under a bale with autoloading
one under the low loader
The bale transport trailer has autoload to follow
Pallets 8 pieces
Square bales 15 pieces
Round bales 1.3m
Egg boxes 60 pieces
Cotton bales 1 pc
Missions Palettes 8 pieces
until you turn off autoload mode after loading, all this is bomb-fest.dann, but go through the slings under the pallets if you want Gurten.oder to unload onto the trailer and then Gurten. Please rate me, but only if you are the point of sale of the drive where they are sold directly from the trailer. If you want to unload the goods again, this is not after you once attached it to the trailer.

Credits: Edwards Modding / Pitbullix1


Dowload10.4 MB

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