2014 Pickup with semi-trailer and autoload v1.7
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Mod 2014 Pickup with semi-trailer and autoload v1.7 for Farming Simulator 2019

In the pack pickup and trailer to it.
Power: 140-350 hp
Speed: 120-160 km / h.
Cost: 55,000.
Wheel selection and configuration.
Color selection.
The trailer has a function of auto selection.

Version 1.4:
Pickup wheel hub improved
Added trailer for transporting animals

Version 1.5
The number of pallets increased. Now stacks twice and thus 16 pallets

Version 1.7 fixed:
main color
rim color
Wing paint
Front cylinder protection color
Color for Roof Beacon Strip
Color for lateral stability and grille
plunger protection
Nokian Extreme Tires
Trelleborg extreme tires
Engine options with more power.


Credits: Pitbull


Download48.6 MB

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