Doritos Factory v1.2
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Мod  Doritos Factory  v1.2 for Farming Simulator 2019


Doritos Factory - You'll Need a Global Company Mod
* Changed input from rapeseed to rapeseed oil
* Added automatic lights for the exterior of the building
* Added constant light for fill points, as it was too dark even in the daytime.
* Added signs to make it clear which grain is included in each filling point.
* Added a couple of decorative elements.
* Made some small visual changes
* Increased productivity from 300 to 500 hours

Please note that for the sale of pallets they must be slightly off the ground, which they will not sell from the back of the trailer.

* 2 separate discharge triggers with digital displays
* Removed part of the roller door to have access to the vault
* Just add corn and rapeseed to produce doritos
* Both items can be purchased on the GC menu at a price of 0.70

Credits: FSVelocity


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