5 Placeable Vehicle & Drive-Through Halls v1.0.5.0
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Mod 5 Placeable Vehicle & Drive-Through Halls v1.0.5.0 for Farming Simulator 2019 Change Log
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Mod for Landwirtschafts Simulator 19

In fact, these are 5 rooms in one mod package.
The main hall (the largest) is passing from two sides.
Anything less than 4.95 meters will go through the doors.

There is lighting both inside and out.
Outdoor lighting turns on and off automatically.
Interior lighting is manually controlled.

Here are the buildings you can choose:

Hall 1 - 42 x 30 meters
Hall 2 - 48 x 30 meters
Hall 3 (without doors) 20 x 20 meters
Hall 4 - 20.40 x 12 meters
Bale storage - 40 x 20 meters

FS 19 Vehicles and entrance halls
Here are the most important facts about this FS 19 mod:
Name of mod: Automobile and transport halls.
Credits: 4l3x83we.
Category: Object | Hangar.
Base Price: 0 to 160,000

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Credits: 4l3x83we


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