Osiek Map v2.4.0.0
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Mod Osiek Map v2.4.0.0 for Farming Simulator 2019

Build your dream farms! A lot of free lots have been created on the map, which can be built up with your own buildings (in the PDA they are marked with green icons).
Osiek map v2.4.0.0 for FS19 (1.7.x)

Mod features
- Map of 4 sizes;
- Crops - rye, triticale, spelled, millet, onions, carrots, alfalfa, clover, field grass, pasture grass, horse grass, miscanthus;
- All the basic standards of Fs19 are spelled out;
- The technique required for harvesting is included in the map;
- Low and hilly terrain;
- Forest plots and sawmill;
- No starting farm, you start with nothing. Build your own farm;
- Well paid transport missions;
- Size of farmland from 1 hectare to 60 hectares;
- Own lighting;
- Railway system and train;
- The GlobalCompany script is recommended.



Credits: Yazu


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