Osiek Remastered v3.3 Final
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Hello everyone. The Osiek Remastered map is a 4x farm for Farming Simulator 22. The standard card contains everything that FS22 offers, plus a bunch of additional crops such as rye, wheat, millet, spelt, poppy seeds, white and red cabbage, carrots and onions at good prices. A lot of forests, 131 fields, 210 farmlands, all the main productions of the game and much more. We have a large former state farm on the map, unfortunately it went bankrupt and you purchased it at a tender.
The bailiff bankrupted the farm, sold part of the land, but there is a lot of it left, unfortunately, agricultural machinery is not in the best condition, so it will have to be repaired or replaced with a new one. After buying the farm, you will still have some money left to restore the equipment. Lead the farm on a straight path to wealth. Go to your office on the farm, decide where to live, inspect the condition of the property, make your first purchases and start harvesting the finished crop, the time is urgent, good luck.

Difficulty levels:
- Easy level 1399000 thousand of money plus a large farm and arable fields.
- The average level is 4 million cash and an old 1986 pickup truck. Nothing superfluous.
- A difficult level of 2 million cash and an old 1986 pickup truck. Nothing superfluous.

- To start, we get a set of used cars and a large farm.
- The map is ready for Precision farming.
- The soil can be treated at different angles (360 degrees)
- On the map there are examples of places to build your own farm (Farm Place)
- If you want your license plates, change the file (licensePlates) in the folder (maps) to your own.
- Lots of new textures on the map.
- Two railway branches have been added to sell products directly from wagons
- The railway silo is neutral and crops can be stored in it, it can also be loaded into wagons and sold in railway purchases.

Contains scripts:
- Animated map objects. Ensures the correct operation of animated objects, such as gates.
- MoreTrees, allows you to plant and plant more trees.
- Livestock limit enlarger, increases the number of animal enclosures on the map.
- Collect straw on missions: Allows you to collect straw on missions during the grain harvest.
- Place Anywhere makes it easy to place placeable objects from the game level.
- Renewal of contracts.
- Multiple missions, allows you to download dozens of missions (contracts) at the same time.
- Production limit magnifier (increases the number of production facilities on the map).

In the final version of the map from 04.11.23 (new saving is recommended):
- Removed the specified collisions for the convenience of the gameplay;
- Chicken coop and sheep pasture can now be sold;
- Cowsheds can now be sold;
- Silos in sheds can now be sold;
- If you start a new game, the lighting in the sheds and chicken coop is already set up and they can be sold;
- Added a new sky with stars;
- Fixed sunrises and sunsets (more windy and foggy);
- Fixed dark nights (now it's better to see, that's what it's meant to be).

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Credits: Yazu


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