Map Western Australia Farming Agency Edition v1.0
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Mod Map Western Australia Farming Agency Edition v1.0 for Farming Simulator 2019\

Updated version of the map of Australia.
Mod features
- 25 large fields of various shapes;
- The map is designed for agriculture;
- There are points of sale;
- Very nice surroundings.

What is done:
- Added all new crops (Sorghum and rice)
- Added new points of sale
- Map is optimized

Added support for:
- Maize Plus
- Maize Plus CCM Extension
- Maize Plus Forage Extension
- Maize Plus Horse Extension
- Straw Harvest AddOn
- Manure System
- 2 x New Crops Added {Sorghum & Rice}
- Seasons
- Precision Farming
- fruitDestruction 2.0
- AddBalesToWrapper

Authors: oliba, DecanKane, dasAlex, Farming Agency

Credits: olib


Download375.0 MB

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