Map Meadow Grove Farming Agency Edition v1.0.0.0
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MOD Map Meadow Grove Farming Agency Edition v1.0.0.0 for Farming Simulator 2019

Features of fashion
Meadow Grove Maize Plus Edition includes:
- All animals are built into the map as fs17, but you can add and place your own pastures anywhere else;
- Farms cannot be sold, but there is room for accommodation if you want to build your own backyards;
- Updated lighting;
- Animated objects;
- 208 farmland;
- The map includes all the functions of Farming Simulator 19;
- 23 yards;
- Several points of sale;
- 262 small / medium fields;
- Transport missions and field missions.

Added new features:
- Seasons
- Multi terrain
- Maize Plus and extensions for it
- Straw Harvest
- Compost station
- Manure System
- Precision Farming
- fruitDestruction 2.0

Authors: Lancyboi, Nathan6930, JacobPhotography, Stu, Alien Paul, Farming Agency, Simple Safe Mods
Translation: Rita_Max

Credits: Lancyboi


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