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Mod IRGENDWO IN THURINGEN II V2.0.0.0 for Farming Simulator 2019

The elevation model, the fields, forests and roads are based on the available Google Earth data of the region created in the update again and in addition to the existing

   • 121 purchasable plots (for the old and those who still want it)
   • 60 fields of all shapes and sizes (for small and large and all workaholics)
   • 40 forests (for all wood worms, tree-crawlers, chain saws and Ponnser)
   • 16 meadows (not only for vegetarians and flower children, also for green lovers)
   • 5 outlets (on which the wealth grows and the fleet increases)
   • 3 lakes for water abstraction (water nixies have been spotted, but are bitchy)
   • 1 purchase points for fertilizer, seeds and lime (more income, more money)
New in V2.0.0.0 * (no no radar support)
   • Season Ready (snow mask including white roofs and frozen waters)
   • GlobalCompany Script Introduction (lime, fertilizer, seed storage based on the GCS)
   • Two branches of production as introduction and test. (Orchard and nursery)
   • Reshaped yards, now with wildlife facilities and custom BGAs
   • Field missions inserted

* all changes can be found in changelog.xml

The whole thing is garnished by 3 small villages and an AI traffic

Credits: kastor


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