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Mod IRGENDWO IN THURINGEN 2 V2.1.0.0 for Farming Simulator 2019

# Control / adapt Kuhstall Hof 3 (fixed / new savegame or attached file used!)
# Start Farmland (SP / Light) is at Court 5 (only for new Savegame)
# Gate Kuhstall Hof1 Correct
# Floor yard 1 hall adjust (fixed, custom but new savegame) (or exchange file)
# Liquid fertilizer adjust bearing output
# Lumber warehouse output yard 3
# Check and adjust feeds court 5
# Adjust Parking Cars (Will be fixed in later versions)
# Courtyard 3 can not be removed from its own silo and stored MP (ID incorrect) (For the existing savegame, the ID must be 1 to 3)
# Farm 1 and 2 store multi-hay hay. (Fixed)
# Hof 1 Maximum number of animals in stables (Fixed)
# Yard 1 Lack of store image fix and display in the shop disabled (fixed)
# Nursery, prob. With pallets (changed pallets, but can now only be sold at the shop or at new savegame at the sawmill)
# all BGA fermented Kapa. increase (done)
# Warning Physics Slurry Yard 5 (fixed)
# Straw bales accepted at cow / pigsty

expect you among other things
• 121 purchasable plots (for the new rich)
• 60 fields of all shapes and sizes (for young and old, young and old)
• 40 forests (for all wood worms, chain saws and Ponnser)
• 16 meadows (not only for vegetarians and flower children)
• 5 outlets (where wealth grows)
• 3 lakes for water abstraction (water niches should have been sighted)
• 2 purchase points for fertilizer, seeds and lime (nothing cares about nothing)

Credits: Kastor


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