PAK KAMAZ 65228 V1.1
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Mod Pack Kamazov 65226 for the game Farming Simulator 2017.
- Engine Cummins ISXe, capacity: 535 forces;
- Max Speed: 80 km / h;
- Fuel tank capacity: 500 liters;
- Price: 90 000 €;
- The cost of daily service per day: 80 euros;
- Interactive management;
- Engine selection;
- Select the primary color;
- Choice of wheels;
- Choice of design;
- There is an animation of cardan shafts, suspension brackets, mud flaps, engines, fan;
- There is a coupling device;
- Working light equipment;
- Working dashboard;
- Working mirrors;
- Mirrors can be adjusted with the mouse;
- Leaves traces;
- Dirty and washed.
If you approach the towing vehicle from the front, it will be possible to install different plates and trailed with the help of IR control.

Changed to v 1.1:
- Fixed some bugs, textures, the model itself was corrected, now the mass of the tractor as in reality, the name of the engine is corrected, the engine power is real.

- It is a little expanded, now in this pack of tractors enter:
KAMAZ-65226 tractor with a chassis of 6x6 cost 74000, capacity: 400/544 hp;
KAMAZ-65228 tractor with a chassis of 8x8 standing 85000, capacity: 442/601 hp;
KAMAZ-65228K with a hook loader with a chassis of 8x8 at a cost of 91,000, capacity: 442/601 hp;

In the store menu everything is contained and bought in a separate category.

Credits: FS17,ЛЕХА


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