KamAZ Pack v1.1 [1.43]
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Pack mod includes: KAMAZ 65207 + trailer from the author Nikola (no trailer will appear in the following versions). KAMAZ 54901 (he “K5”), from the author Lacoste36 As well as KAMAZ 5490 NEO / 65206 from the author of SIMKA. IMPORTANT: KAMAZ 54901 must be put up to the highest priority! (KAMAZ 5490 below, 65207 above 5490, and 54901 at the very top). Otherwise, KAMAZ 65207 – will not work! Because Sounds on KAMAZ 65207 taken from 54901 (see Screenshot number 5) Note: 2 engines on KAMAZ 65207 do not work! (There is no sound on engines with a dark engine picture) Disabled engines circled red in the screenshot number 6 (last) Changes in v1.1 The basis was taken patch from Vasja555 The mod was recycled and invested in one archive, now 5490 and 65207 is the same KAMAZ, from here: General cabins – now you can install a high cabin on 65207 General Salons – Bug with Disappeared Textures No more Common Tuning – You can install kenguryatniki and Lightabars, wheels, flashers, and spoilers K5: It was added, but as a separate machine, no changes, except: New Frame – 8×4 from Mercedes Actros MP4 Famous bugs: Missing wheels K5, when buying, you need to install others A small difference of the shade on the white paint at the tank and cab cabin K5 Standard SCS Cables 65207

Credits: Dalnoboi Kemerovskiy 42 RUS


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