KamAZ 5410 Modified by oq37 [1.40 - 1.41]
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KamAZ 5410 Modification from the author Oleg Davydov[oq37] for ETS2 version 1.40 and up. Recent changes: It has a native KamAZ sound in the FMOD format. New gearboxes have been added. It has realistic engines with tuned torque. Updated the camera and added new physics to the cockpit. Aesthetically improved appearance from the exterior.: Added new inventory to the interior + bonus from STEAM. Unfortunately, there is no animation of windows!?: ( A new lighting format for the truck has been added. Improved lighting of the truck at near and far distances.:) Removed a defect from the sun’s rays that were not reflected on the front mirrors.:) Re-spelled out in the company desktop and the dealer modifications mods KamAZ.:) Prasanna installation disc rims on the tires.:) Held-cleaning models, removed all unnecessary.:) Removed conflict with KamAZ 5410 HQ from authors JAWA, Stas556. At the moment there are the best of the two mods author – Davydov, Oleg(oq37) – Thank you For it! Everything is 100% clean in the log.:) Tested on ETS2 version: s Authorship: Oleg Davydov[oq37] Adaptations and Fixes: MaxX_Agent. Registration sound by FMOD: MaxX_Agent. 

Credits: Oleg Davydov [oq37]


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