KamAZ 5410 HQ Modified by oq37 + Trailers [1.47.1]
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The mod adds a KamAZ 5410 Modified OQ37 truck and trailers for ETS2 version 1.45 to the game. Changes from 05/22/23: Correction of some MAT files from unnecessary abbreviations. Aesthetically improved interior and fixed the textures of the gas and brake pedals. Added a new pack of steering wheels with braids. Found and fixed additional errors in MAT files. Cleaning the log to 100% gloss under ETS2 1.47. Latest changes for the truck: Restored the textures of the entire cockpit. Restored dirt textures on the cockpit. Restored dirt textures in the interior. Updated in companies, dealers and truck gallery. The log in the game is 100% clean (percent). Fixed red textures 

Credits: Oleg Davydov [oq37]. Adaptation and


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TAGS:Trailers, Modified, by, OQ37, 5410, HQ, KAMAZ, 1.47