Truck Physics by ~Tok~ v2.5 (1.30.x)
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– Improved physics of suspension, cab, engine, transmission, brakes, pneumatic seat, cameras in the cabin. – Supports all default trailers, as well as: Scania rs by RJL, Renault integral, Renot, Scania.114, Mitsubishi FusoSuper Great V. – For R20 “Severe Russia” – “Kamaz.6460” by “Koral” and “Kraz. 255” by “Koral” – Changes in V 2.5: – Increased the buildup of the cabin. – On many maps, steep climbs, for this; – Added traction to the engine, but the box works as in V2.4, slightly changed (overclocking is heavy and the cargo is felt), for example: 500-520 l / s ~ 20t – 105-108 km / h, ~ 40t – 90-92 km / h (max acceleration in a straight line) on different boxes and cargoes in different ways. – Improved roll, wind resistance (optimized for traction). – Increased the weight of the rear axle (s). – Changed the residual dumping of the suspension and pneumatic seating. – Changed the glide for the winter (see video). – Not much adjusted the management. – “Brake force”, “Sensitivity of the steering wheel”, – adjust it under the settings. Especially for “Kraza” and “Kamaz”, who rides on the keyboard, because large wheels. – “Stabilization of the trailer” (left – swing more, right – swing less), whoever you like. The screenshot shows how I stands in the game. – FAQ on R20 “Harsh Russia” is in the archive – read. Tested only on tractor units. Tandem did not even try. _________________________________________________________________ – For those who are not fond of changes in management, in the archive there is a second file with standard control (Physics_of_the_truck_V2.5_standard_control_from_ ~ Tok ~). P.S. can that that missed in the description, in general try! – Files are locked, except the chassis, when adding and editing the chassis, when saving, it will ask for the password, just click “ok”. – Test on version 1.30.x Installation: – Put in the Mod folder, connect it to the mod manager. – Put above the modified tracks. Credits: ~Tok~

Credits: ~Tok~



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