Renault T Light Improvements v1.4 (1.35.x)
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What is Light Improvement? It adds Roof Slots, Bumper Slots, Rear Fender Slots, Extended Sunshields, and diffrent Bars. Works on both cabins. And Lowered Chassis?I didnt like the vanilla height, i just like it low and this extra mod lowers them all. Its not needed just a optional mod. This contains it: - Roofslots, - Grillslots, - Bottomslots, - Rearfender Slots, - 3 Extended Sunshields, - All Chassi variants Lowered Changelog Light Improvements v1.4: Fixes: Advanced coupling got fixed Rearfenders got fixed Sepperated Chassis Remade materials of all painted parts from my mod. New in v1.4: Renault Aero Parts (Front/Sideskirts 4×2 only) Dirt deflectors (Side Deflector slot) Window deflectors (Sidemirror slot) Sunshields standard extended black White Roofmarkers Custom Sideskirts 4×2 6×2/4 6×24 (Sidepipe or non pipe) 4×2 Square sidebar whit orange lights New custom sunshield 2 Lightboxes as accessory French & German plate Removeable sidereflector Painted lights xenon/halogen (Thanks to umri20) Painted Rearfenders/Covers all varaints added (Thanks to Sogard3) Staircase slot for front fenders also in paint (Thanks again to Sogard3) Added curtain in exterior view Templates added for custom parts/String lines for paintjob system included. This addons i used: (***Set the mod higher then 50keda's mod, i had to edit his hookup for the Rearfender Sidemarkers!***) This addons i used, i preefer you them: (Set the mod higher then all your accessory mods, i had to edit the hookup for new suitable strings! The shown accessorys below are supported! abasstreppas Hella Auxiliary light pack 1.0 Hella Double Burners by abasstreppas [powerkasi] Light & Accessory ETS 2 PACK MUDFLAPS Boreman LED Marker Lights v1.7 Legendary "50k-addons"

Credits: Gloover, Sogard3, umri20


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