Renault T Light Improvements/Lowered Chassis v1.2 (1.35.x)
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What is Light Improvement? It adds Roof Slots, Bumper Slots, Rear Fender Slots, Extended Sunshields, and diffrent Bars. Works on both cabins. And Lowered Chassis?I didnt like the vanilla height, i just like it low and this extra mod lowers them all. Its not needed just a optional mod. This contains it: - Roofslots, - Grillslots, - Bottomslots, - Rearfender Slots, - 3 Extended Sunshields, - All Chassi variants Lowered Changelog Light Improvements v1.2: Added: Lightbox Spoiler Slots Rearplate at the spoiler for custom lights Number plate as a accessory Double Rearlights for 4x2 Spoiler for small cabin Slots for Lollipops (Choose the Windowframe for them) Intake Slots Grill 180° rotated slots on right side to support all sidemarkers. Hookup edits for the accessory mods shown above Custom Skin Changelog Lowered Chassis v1.1: Adjusted hook point fenders wont hit the trailer anymore Download helpRenault T Light Improvements 1.2  Renault T Lowered Chassis 1.2 This addons i used: (***Set the mod higher then 50keda's mod, i had to edit his hookup for the Rearfender Sidemarkers!***)

Credits: Glover


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