MAN TGX HD Gauges [1.41 - 1.42]
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Realistic HD Gauges for MAN TGX Features: -Correct red backlighting -New UK interior Speedometer with MPH overlaid on KPH markings -HD Speedometer, Rev Counter, Fuel, Temperature and Pressure Gauges -Corrected incorrect Rev-counter graphics and needle range -Speedometer correctly goes to 125km/h as in real-life -HD textures for steering wheel buttons/MAN logo -HD textures for window controls -HD texture for MAN Basicline Stereo/Blaupunkt GPS system -3D knobs for MAN Basicline Stereo/Blaupunkt GPS system -Added new stereo texture -New indicator for headlights -Fixed blinker duration *MPH speed markings will only appear on RHD versions.

Credits: Oscar


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