MAN TGX Euro 6 Realistic Dashboard Computer [1.42]
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This dashboard computer mod aims to recreate accurately the dashboard computer found in the new MAN TGX Euro 6 in-game. Includes: - Accurate bitmap/LCD fonts - Arrow icons for L/H splits for manual gearbox - Retarder indicator - Reworked clock and ambient temperature display below tachometer/speedometer - Reworked gear display (Rm for first reverse gear) - Trip Distance - Trip Duration - Trip Average Speed - Odometer - Average Fuel Consumption (page fixes this at L/100km, so display is 'inaccurate' if you change the units) - Trip total fuel consumed - Low Fuel Warning - Service Warning - Oil Temperature - Turbo Pressure - Instant Fuel Consumption bar - Battery Voltage - Engine hours - Cruise Control display

Credits: Oscar


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