EKO Truck Parts v1.8.1 - 1.46
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New accessories for DAF 2021 and Scania S/R DAF 2021: Bumper lip Large bumper lip Lightbar for XG+ (can be used from the beacon slot) Side spoilers with the old DAF logo Side spoilers with painted DAF logo Side Skirt placket with pockets Small Side Skirt Sun visor Interior side linings Sun visor with stone protection Rear wall detail ECO Truck Parts Scania 2016: Low bumper lip High bumper lip Side bar Anti-gravity protection (2 options) Interior side linings Sun visor without markers (2 options) ECO Truck Parts Rear Wall Detail Version 1.8.1: Added templates for skins for new accessories for DAF (sun visor and side spoilers) For version 1.46.x Credits TumbEd

Credits: TumbEd


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