EKO Truck Parts v1.6 (1.46.x)
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Changes v1.6 Rear lockers adjustments fix DAF 2021 Rear lockers behind spoiler DAF 2021 Square 850l tanks for taglifts Description: Adds new parts for DAF 2021 and SCANIA S/R DAF 2021: – Bumper lip – Big bumper lip – Roof bar for XG+ (usable from beacon slot) – Side spoilers with DAF old logo – Side spoilers with painted DAF logo – Side skirt bar with pockets – Small side skirt bar – Sunshield – Sunshield with stone guard – EKO Truck Parts backwall piece SCANIA S/R: – NEW Middle light covers – Lowbumper lip – Highbumper lip – Side bar for midlift – Stone guard – NEW Stone guard v2 – Sunshield with no markers – NEW Sunshield with no markers v2 – EKO Truck Parts backwall piece Skinning – parts does not have template so if skin is used put this part as single color. At start of each part i have noted part name. Example it would be “b_grill.ekob” etc. Credits: TumbEd

Credits: TumbEd


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