Better Flares v3.3.4 (1.39.x)
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Better Flares - the mod replaces the standard light of headlights and lamps with a better one and significantly improves their visibility. The headlights are improved, the range of lighting is changed. Better Flares 3.3 is an adapted version of Better Flares 3.2, with converted textures to latest. Features Better Flares Mod: - New flares. Choose the one you like. - New truck lights and smooth lights switching. - Traffic lights addon including 8 new flares for AI cars. Changes in v3.3.4: - adapted to the latest game version 1.39.x Load Order - BFv3.3 Headlights (blue/Yellow/Neutral - CHOOSE ONLY ONE) - BFv3.3 LED Traffic light addon (optional) - BFv3.3a Base - BFv3.3 Jazzycat add-ons (optional) - Jazzy packs - Other Traffic add-ons - BFv3.3 Default Traffic addon - Other Mods (trucks trailers maps etc)

Credits: Aveliumar, Update: paokkerkir


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