Promods Addon: Project E6 v2.4 - 1.47
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Changelog v2.4 Fixed bugs from version 2.3 Mod should now work properly Norway Cities Rebuilt Verdalsøra Roads Rebuilt part of E6 Extended Fv17 Project E6 is a Promods map addon. It’s located in the north of Scandinavia and I plan to fill the gap in Norway/Sweden. Features: Norway Cities Added Verdalsøra Added Namsos Added Namsskogan Added Vennesund Added Holm Roads Extended E6 Added Fv17 Added Fv760 Extended E45 Sweden Cities Added Strömsund Added Gäddede Added gas station in Gäddede Note: This mod requires Promods, and thus all dlc’s to work. Place E6 above Promods map. 

Credits: joes


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