Promods 2.63 Addon: Project E6 v2.2 - 1.46
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v2.2 2023-02-05 -Fixed map overlays appearing black for Linux and MacOS -Fixed kommune shields not appearing for Linux and MacOS -Fixed toll not working on Fv17 Norway Cities -Rebuilt Verdalsøra Roads -Rebuilt part of E6 -Extended Fv17 Project E6 is a Promods map addon. It’s located in the north of Scandinavia and I plan to fill the gap in Norway/Sweden. Features: Norway Cities -Added Verdalsøra -Added Namsos -Added Namsskogan -Added Vennesund -Added Holm Roads -Extended E6 -Added Fv17 -Added Fv760 -Extended E45 Sweden Cities -Added Strömsund -Added Gäddede -Added gas station in Gäddede Note: This mod requires Promods, and thus all dlc’s to work. Place E6 above Promods map. Compatibility for 1.46 Credits: Joes

Credits: Joes


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