Map of Romania (Roextended) v2.2 + Map of Turkey (YKSRSK) v1.7.1 for 1.34.x and 1.35.x
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All DLC’s needed, 1.34 or 1.35 version of the game LOG 2.2 - 4 new cities in Ukraine: Kyiv, Zhytomyr, Bila Tserkva, Cernihiv - major overhaul of internal files to create just one version (not Promods and Standard anymore) - new control points in some borders. - new sign templates - adaptation for DLC Baltic materials - new map connection with RusMap from Ukraine to Belarus Gomeli city. LOG YKSRSK 1.7.1: - fully adapted to new 1.35 version of the game and DirectX11 - complete map package only 2 files in 800mb - control points in border passing at the “Gates” plus some improvements - moved ferrys inside the ship on both Canakkale points - Roextended is mandatory!!! Link 1 Roextended

Credits: Roextended Team/Arayas



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