MAP OF TURKEY FOR PROMODS V2.26 [1.30.X] + fix
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Map of Turkey for ProMods 2.26 The card was checked complete with maps: Poland Rebuilding 2.1 Project Balkans 2.7 ProMods 2.26 The Great Steppe Rus Map 1.8 South Region The order of installation in the manager according to the screenshot Project Balkans 2.7 - Def.scs file should be installed with replacement Performance was checked only with this set of cards! Four cities added in Bulgaria + Fix for Turkey Map for Promods Tested on 1.30 version Add scs file to the mod folder with the replacement Author: voldemar56 link1 [MAP]: link2 [FIX]:

Credits: Dogukan_K61, voldemar56, Scaniaman6


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