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Mod 2018 Dodge Durango SRT for Car Mechanic Simulator 2018

In February 2017, during the Chicago Auto Show, Dodge introduced a special charged version of the full-size Dodge Durango SRT crossover, which the manufacturer calls the fastest six-seat crossover on the market.

It is known that the novelty development process was established in conjunction with the SRT division, which is engaged in the refinement of serial versions of the Fiat Chrysler Automobile concern models.

Compared to the regular Durango, the car received a spectacular aerodynamic body kit, a more powerful power unit, as well as a retuned suspension and more effective braking mechanisms.

With a quick acquaintance, everything looks more than impressive, but let's take a closer look at all the features and "chips" with which the new Dodge Durango SRT intends to fight for the wallets of customers.

Exterior Dodge Durango SRT 2018

Dodge Durango received a new false radiator grille with the SRT logo, a embossed hood with an air intake and additional ventilation holes, as well as a modified front bumper, which received an impressive size duct, a pair of twin foglights and a sporty aerodynamic skirt.

The machine’s profile almost exactly repeats that of a regular Dodge Durango, with the exception of other door sills, “392” nameplates indicating the volume of the power plant in cubic inches, as well as huge R20 rollers shod with Pirelli sports tires.

The feed of the crossover, as before, pleases the eye with spectacular marker lights, interconnected by a pair of LED strips, a large tailgate and a small spoiler. Of the new - a different rear bumper, a sports diffuser, larger trunks of the exhaust system and another SRT logo.

External dimensions have not changed:

Length - 5.075 m;
Width - 1.925 m;
Height - 1.8 m;
The length of the wheel base is 3.043 m.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer did not voice the ride height, but according to insider information, it remained the same and is 205 mm, which is sufficient not only for a confident ride around the city, but also far beyond.

The choice of customers is offered 6 options for coloring the body (DB Black Crystal, Bruiser Gray, Granite Metallic, Billet Metallic, Octane Red Pearl and White Knuckle), as well as two options for designing rims.

Interior Durango SRT 2018

The interior of the new product, in comparison with the regular version of the Dodge Durango, has undergone a number of minor changes:

The manufacturer installed more sporting front seats, which received excellent lateral support, but retained all the benefits of civilization (electric drive, heating and ventilation).

Already at the base, the interior is almost completely finished with genuine leather, suede and carbon fiber.

SRT brand logos appeared, located on the backs of the seats of the first and second row, as well as the central part of the steering wheel.

Otherwise, before us is a well-known and well-proven third-generation Salon Durango.

The driver's seat is represented by a 7-inch LCD instrument cluster and a compact multi-function steering wheel with a comfortable cross-section and high-quality leather trim. The central part of the dashboard is reserved for the 8.4-inch capacitive display of the infotainment center, as well as a sophisticated climate control unit represented by three-zone climate control.

Between the stylish, comfortable and functional front seats there is a massive central tunnel, on which the manufacturer installed an automatic transmission lever, a pair of cup holders and a massive armrest.

The second row is represented by a pair of free-standing seats, between which an optional unit with an armrest and a pair of cup holders can be installed.

On the third row, unlike most competitors, there is enough space even for adult passengers. So, for large families who love "hotter", this car is just a godsend.
Trunk volume with a six-seater layout of the cabin is more than 500 liters, while it is possible to fold both the third and second row of seats, which allows you to increase its volume by more than 4 times. In addition, the owner can fold the right seat of the front passenger, which will make it easy to transport various long-lengths.

In general, the interior of the car pleases with its thoughtfulness, a huge amount of free space and excellent finishing materials, not inferior in quality to premium cars.

Credits: DodgeCharger


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