1972 Reliant Regal Supervan
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Mod 1972 Reliant Regal Supervan for Car Mechanic Simulator 2018

Reliant Regal is a three-wheeled vehicle produced from 1953 to 1973 by Reliant Motor in Tamuert, England. Since it is a three-wheeled vehicle, in the UK it is considered as a three-wheeled motorcycle. Thanks to its lightweight construction weighing up to 700 kg, the car can be operated in the UK as a motorcycle. A commercial version of the car with a side tailgate is sold as Reliant Supervan.

After the launch of the Mk I in 1953, Regal made many changes in a short period of time, from the “first generation”, which used original wooden frames and discrete body panels until the 1961 Mk VI.

In 1962, production began Reliant Mk VII, with the technical name "TW7" (Three Wheeler 7). This version has a new OHV Reliant engine, a new chassis and hull design, with a completely updated visual style. A number of cars are produced: Regal 3/25, Regal 3/30 (number of wheels / hp), Regal 21E or Regal 21E 700. The engine is 600 cc, it has a power of 25 hp, and the engine of 700 cm³ is 30 hp Version 21E was additionally equipped with, among other things: fog lights, chrome-plated bumpers, sun visors, an oil gauge and a new metallic paint. In 1973, the Regal was replaced by Reliant Robin ("TW8").

The Regals MkI - MkVI models had aluminum bodies and 747 cm³ engines with side-mounted valves. However, during the 1950s, aluminum prices rose markedly throughout Europe. In response, Reliant developed fiberglass panels, which in parts replaced aluminum panels, and the Regal 1956 Mark 3 model had a fully fiberglass body. Unlike Panhard, which responded to the increase in the cost of aluminum, replacing it with heavier steel, Reliant, choosing fiberglass technology, assured that Regal was able to retain its lightness, which makes it possible to use compact, less powerful engines, which also had a small cost. The Regal Mk VI was the latest Regal car with an old engine with lateral valves. In 1962, Reliant developed its own all-aluminum 600cc OHV engine, which was installed on the new Regal 3/25.

The Regal 3/25 version began to be produced from October 1962, and, unlike previous cars, it no longer had a wooden frame, instead it had a fiberglass case. The hull had two layers, external and internal, connected to each other and to the steel structure with bolts. Meanwhile, on April 25, 1968, a year before the BMC celebrated the 2000000th release of Mini Reliant, the sales director personally led the 50,000th Regal 3/25 from the conveyor of the Reliant plant. A few months later, from August 1968, to the Regal cars began to put 701 cm ³ engine.

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