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BMW M5 E60. The ready-made mod for BMW 5-series E60 was taken as a basis. The author of the finished model: Xeros444 The author of the recycling: @spb.racer x @suetacarstyle. ❗❗Medium quality mod. ❗Modification features : ✅Working PBR lighting equipment. ✅14 Configurations. ✅Good damage. ,Custom engine sounds. ✅There is a system of skins. ✅Implemented parts for tuning the motor (ECU ZR Perfomance, STAGE 1-3) ✅Developed engine and engine compartment. ✅Own wheels (Varieties of wheels for the M5 E60 of that time). ✅PBR Materials. (Painting). ✅Animated dashboard. ✅Working light in the cabin (on the button). ,Working triggers for emergency,multimedia, etc. ✅Several tuning variations (Black body elements, HAMMAN and LUMMA body kits). ❗Disadvantages of the modification: ❌JBEAM from ETK800 ❌There are curved gaps on the HAMMAN and LUMMA body kits ❌There are flaws in the grid of the body, parts, etc. Support our group and me as a whole, because I'm not asking for money for the mod, it's absolutely free. You can use it for any purpose. Improvements and fixes from third-party modelers are also welcome. If you are a high-quality modeler and are ready to help us, write to us in a personal message) Thank you so much for the asset shown. The mod will be finalized in the future and new body kits and tuning components will be added. UPDATE 3.0: - Updated some configs. - Updated the front optics model. - Anniversary nameplates have been added (you need to change the hood and trunk). - Added 2 configs "M5 @suetacarstyle Style" and "M5 50th Anniversary". - Fixed some jambs on the model.

Credits: Xeros444 x @suetacarstyle.beamng


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TAGS:Remastered, Update, v3.0, (0.30.x)