BMW M5 E60 V2.0 REMASTERED (0.30.X)
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BMW M5 E60. The first work of such quality, do not judge strictly by this. A ready-made mod for the BMW 5-series E60 was taken as a basis. The author of the finished model: Xeros444 The author of the recycling: @spb.racer x @suetacarstyle. ❗❗Medium quality mod. ❗Modification features : ✅Working PBR lighting equipment. ✅14 Configurations. ✅Good damage. ✅Custom engine sounds. ✅There is a system of skins. ✅Implemented parts for tuning the motor (ECU ZR Perfomance, STAGE 1-3) ✅Developed engine and engine compartment. ✅Own wheels (Varieties of wheels for the M5 E60 of that time). ✅PBR Materials. (Painting). ✅Animated dashboard. ✅Working light in the cabin (on the button). ✅Working triggers for emergency,multimedia, etc. ✅Several tuning variations (Black body elements, HAMMAN and LUMMA body kits). ❗Disadvantages of the modification: ❌JBEAM from ETK800 ❌There are curved gaps on the HAMMAN and LUMMA body kits ❌There are flaws in the grid of the body, parts, etc. Support our group and me as a whole, because I'm not asking for money for the mod, it's absolutely free. You can use it for any purpose. Improvements and fixes from third-party modders are also welcome. If you are a high-quality modeler and are ready to help us - write to us in person) Thank you so much for the asset shown. The mod will be finalized in the future and new body kits and tuning components will be added. UPDATE 2.0: - Added new hoods for configs "Hamman Majorka" and "Lumma Majorka". - Added a new config "M5 (inst:ymxaev). - Slightly fixed gaps on the "Lumma" config - Added a front bumper for the "USA Market" config. - Fixed the config of "Hamman Majorka" and "Lumma Majorka", now their wheels appear on them. - Carbon fiber on the "Lumma Majorka" config has been slightly fixed, but it is still in operation.

Credits: Xeros444 x @suetacarstyle.beamng


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