Pessima Small Pack 2.2.1
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MOD Pessima Small Pack 2.2.1 for BEAMNG.DRIVE

-Removed "(2)" from the
driftbox , Today at 8:51
JDM Update
-Added JDM body variant -Added
JDM configurations
-Added "2.7 GSz" configuration -Added configuration
"Grossima" -Added configuration
"Beater Drift V6" -Added configuration
"Track V6"
- Changed the color of the "2.7 GXz" configuration to orange
-Added "Anniversary Gold/Silver" Inscription on "Anniversary Edition" —
Changed some configurations to JDM variants and added new normal
ones — Added "Driftbox's Custom" configuration — added configuration
"Stupid Covet's Custom" — added configuration
"Shingo's Custom" —
added "Two-Tone "Livery
-Added missing wide body in XRA Config...
Pessima Small Pack is an add—on adding new content for the official BeamNG machine — Ibishu Pessima

Credits: driftbox


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