Pessima Small Pack 2.2.2
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MOD Pessima Small Pack 2.2.2 for BEAMNG.DRIVE

New content:
-Added config "Street Tuned V6"
-Added config JDM GSz

-Improved descriptions of factory configs -Fixed
​​JDM internal camera -Improved
"Sport Aero" grille
-Replaced wheels for "Jubilee" configs -Improved
"Rally" - Tarmac configuration"
-Added "Shingo's Custom" skin finish
-Added front license plate to JDM configs
-Added missing handlebars to the JDM body
-Fixed switches for the JDM body
-Slightly changed the position of the inner chamber
-Changed the steering of the XRA configuration.. .

Pessima Small Pack is an add—on that adds new content to the official BeamNG machine — Ibishu Ressim Mod Content:
- New factory and custom configurations (some of them based on the actual finish
new engine, air intake options, etc.

Known bugs/issues:

-The sports aero grille has some strange shading issues -The JDM body does not support non-standard steering wheels. improvements, colored headlights and the "The Greendy" config

Credits: driftbox


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