Ibishu Kevin Kei Truck v0.1 (0.32.x)
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Meet Kevo, the cute little kay truck.
Kevo (formerly Kevin) is a kay truck that I've been working on for many years in the little free time I have, it's not perfect, but it does its job. His biggest features are sweetness and stupidity, and there are opening drawers on the sides.
Its configurations are currently a little sparse, this needs to be changed, but they currently include pre-facelift, post-facelift options and various running gear such as the base model, a 3-speed manual 550 cc transmission with a slow engine and CVT, a 660 cc engine between a 550 cc engine. All of them are available with optional all-wheel drive and lockable differentials in Skipper variants.
Currently, he has only two options for loading the bed: one is a pair of armchairs, and the other is cargo boxes that you can equip in career mode. With that said, bed options and loads are literally the number 1 priority for the next update.

Credits: Ezo


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