Gunner Patriot/Claymore v2.3 (0.32.x)
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The Gunner Patriot/Claymore SUV looks very similar to the popular Hummer.
– 80 Configurations;
– A good model;
– A lot of details;
– Different wheels.

In version 2.3:
- The entire suspension geometry has been redesigned, and errors that caused unrealistic bouncing have been fixed. Three types of coilovers were added (soft, medium and hard), as well as 2-inch and 4-inch suspension lifts.
- All lighting has been updated for a more realistic look. LED options have been added to the front, rear and fog lights for both the civilian and military versions.
- Fog lights can now be installed on roof racks, windshield protection, rear protection and brush protection.
- A wide body kit has been added, as well as five extremely modified models using this kit.
- Two new interior colors have been added.
- One new dune wheel model has been added.
- 20-inch versions of both existing and new custom wheels have been added.
- Added one set of Fatboy tires (38-46 inches).
- A high-performance radiator and hydraulic steering have been added.
- Added one colorable American flag skin.
- Added one radiator cap with an American flag.
- Added five skins for police cars.
- Eight police, fire and military police vehicles have been added. These cars have working flashlights and sirens and behave like police officers on the road.
- Landing seats have been added for military models.
- Turbocharging stages 1-2-3 have been added for 6.5TD, 6.6TD and 5.7G engines.
- Improvements have been made to the entire model tree.
- The vehicle performance values have been correctly updated in the information section.
- Added an experimental version of the rear steering associated with the front steering.
Note. This update focuses on driving and appearance. Many elements have been redesigned, bringing them to the desired standard. The car's handling has improved significantly.

Credits: Cadillacman80


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