Gunner Patriot/Claymore v2.1 (0.31.x)
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The Gunner Patriot/Claymore SUV looks very similar to the popular Hummer.
– 61 Configuration;
– A good model;
– A lot of details;
– Different wheels.

In version 2.1:
- Added 2 new brush brushes.
- Added 1 windshield protection.
- - Front and rear tubular semi-doors for extreme off-road models.
- Added 1 colorable skin.
- Roof rack models for all rigid roof options
- Working CTIS. Separate CTIS controls and tire pressure indicators for military and civilian models. CTIS can have a significant impact on driving both off-road and on the road.
- Working mirrors. All mirrors have been redesigned to match the driver's position to achieve realistic results.
- Working winch. Custom military and civilian electric winches based on SPwinch have been added.
- Added 5 new modified Claymore models and 3 new modified Patriot models.

Credits: Cadillacman80


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