Gavril Vertex NA2 3.05 Rework
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Mod Gavril Vertex NA2 3.05 Rework for

In version 3.05:
- All bugs of version 3.0 have been detected and fixed;
- Some minor details and changes have also been added and made.
A completely redesigned machine.
The most customizable car in the game! 97 configs and 1300 parts to choose from!

It is based on the Ford Focus NA2. However, this is not a complete copy, but rather an independent thing. This didn't stop me from reproducing various details from Focus and adding to the mod.
2 years of work and more than 1,500 hours of work on updates have turned this boring economical sedan into a paradise for customization!

What the mod contains:
– 1300 selectable parts
– 10 engines to choose
from – 49 liveries
– Dome lighting and ambient legroom lighting that can be turned
on – Opening doors
– Fully interactive interior with triggers that control various functions
– AFR adjustment and timing adjustment for deeper tuning of your engine
– A unique drag system that significantly reduces the maximum speed of the car when removing the body panels. Some additional details even reduce drag
– Glowing brakes
– Lots of custom screens and html
– Multiple engine settings, double boost, aspiration in any way (also side fan)
– The dashboard lights up when the engine starts
– A working radio that can be edited to have more music!

Credits: Inn0centJok3r


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