Gavril Vertex NA2 v3.5.1 Rework (0.32.x)
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A completely redesigned machine for BeamNG.
The most customizable car in the game! 97 configs and 1300 parts to choose from!

It is based on the Ford Focus NA2. However, this is not a complete copy, but rather an independent thing. This didn't stop me from reproducing various details from the Focus and adding them to the mod.
2 years of work and more than 1,500 hours of work on updates have turned this boring economical sedan into a paradise for customization!

What the mod contains:
– 1300 selectable parts
– 10 engines to choose
from – 49 liveries
– Dome lighting and ambient legroom lighting that can be turned on
– Opening doors
– Fully interactive interior with triggers that control various functions
– AFR setting and timing adjustment for deeper tuning of your engine
– A unique drag system that significantly reduces the maximum speed of the car when removing the body panels. Some additional details even reduce drag
– Luminous brakes
– Lots of custom screens and html
– Lots of engine settings, double boost, aspiration in any way (also side fan)
– The dashboard lights up when the engine starts
– A working radio that can be edited to have more music! 

In version 3.5.1 (10.05.24):
- Added support for the alarm mod;
- Fixed the height of the suspension setting when the Rally + WideFap suspension allowed the car to be lifted too high, causing problems with jbeam.

Credits: Inn0centJok3r


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