Ford Crown Victoria 1998-2011 v2.8 (0.32.x)
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American sedan Ford Crown Victoria 1998-2011 for

- 44 configurations;
- Excellent model;
- Detailed interiors;
- Jbeam;
- Police and taxi skins.

4.1-liter I6, 4.6-liter V8 is a 4.5—liter V8 engine, close to the Ford Modular 4.6-liter, 6.0-liter diesel V8, 3.9-liter V8 and 3.5-liter V6.

In version 2.8 (05/25/24):
- Added a traffic version (1 basic configuration and 1 police one. He will also haunt you);
- Added marker lights of the Grand Marquis 2003 - 2005 model years;
- Added a single exhaust;
- Added detailed rear view mirrors;
- Added a new 6.0 liter V8 diesel engine using Belasco-Diesel sounds from the T-series. (Also new power characteristics);
- Added taxi alarms (Based on New York City taxis. Pressing "Shift+T" activates them and they can be selected);
- Added a K9 cage (The usual Jbeam partition is used, but it is heavier. We also had to fit the car body under the rear seats, as it was incorrectly fitted);
- Added new red/blue lighting options for Federal Signal Vector, Vision SL and Vision SLR. And also a new red/blue/red-blue pattern for Whelen Edge. New flash schemes have also been added to Vision SL;
- Added a new Federal Signal StreetHawk;
- New light panel Code 3 LP6000;
- New Tomar Heliobe light panel;
- Federal warning lights on the roof have been added (They were manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the 3rd stop light / CHMSL. They can be colored and transparent);
- Color middle sections are now available as an option in the Code 3 MX7000 light panel;
- Added a fog light indicator (Based on the 2006-2011 Grand Marquis);
- Radio and climate control can now be dismantled;
- Added gearshift lever and indicator;
- Changed prices for complete sets and spare parts in career mode;
- The taxi billboard has been updated, now it is better illuminated;
- Added a European-style front plate;
- New Setina PB300 Kangaroo coop;
- Added a sticker with a warning about the trunk equipment on the dashboard and a sticker with an inscription about the airbag on the sun visor;
- Interior trim options have been changed. Basic trim (combination 98/03-2011 with clock) on the dashboard and Police trim with trunk opening button. Also new door panels - Police, Base and Grand Marquis;
- On taxi signs, the medallion number now matches the livery number (The user can change it by adding a second section with the material they are made of);
- Added some new color options for some grids. It is possible to paint the outer part;
- New spherical trigger for the trunk control button on the dashboard and the headlight switch;
- The inner trunk beam has been changed, now it is more convenient for placing objects;
- Added a rear bumper support to match the front one;
- Fixed the installation of the towing device on the LWB body;
- Fixed the strange behavior of doors when removing glass from them;
- The door lock has been removed from the metal panels of police doors;
- Fixed non-working signals on the wings;
- Fixed an issue where the flashing lights on the radiator grille did not break;
- Now ALPR cameras with backlight can be installed on other light panels;
- Fixed license plate illumination;
- Radiators are adjusted so that they do not overheat during heavy driving;
- Fixed the emergency cooling function. It doesn't turn on or off. It turns on at a temperature of 258f (125 °C) and will turn on until the temperature drops below 248f (120°C);
- Fixed a bug with the color scheme of some liveries (The main colors of eSP and New Hampshire SP);
- Fixed when using brown, the ceiling upholstery, carpet and parcel shelf changed color to match the interior (Still need to add other colors);
- Removed unused materials and textures. A lot of things with models have also been removed to free up unnecessary data in fashion.

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