98-11 FORD CROWN VICTORIA V2.6 (0.30X)
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Here is a 98-11 Ford Crown Victoria.

Bastion Lightbar, Concealed Flashers, Old Lightbar modified in a more modern way, Vector and Vision styled lightbars. (Alt+Shift+N to cycle patterns)
12 Default Police Liveries added, as with 2 Taxi Liveries.
BeachBoysShuttle was sent to me by Hellisharrow_
8 Liveries are based off of real places. (Weymouth, Rochester, Dover, NH-SP, Ukraine, Beach Boys Shuttle, and Maine)
Frame and Suspension are from the Grand Marshall, slightly altered to fit the car correctly. Like Wheel Base and car width/length.
Lots of jbeam is also from the Grand Marshal and other parts, as stated above, some parts have been slightly altered to work better with the car.
There is a 4 Speed Auto based off of the 4R75E, a 6F50 and a 6R60 (both 6 speed autos), CVT, 5 Speed and a 6 Speed Manual based off of the T45 and T56 Transmissions.
The Taxi Sign is from Nadeox's '99 Crown Victoria Mod.
There are two bumper guards that are from GTA IV for the resemblance of New York pushbars.
Openable Trunk!

Credits: MaxieTheFoxxie


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