BMW E34 Big Update v2.11 (0.31.x)
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A big upgrade of the BMW E34 car with a bunch of new things for BeamNG! Now There Are 50 Configurations!

- The car is now the right size, the 3D model has been redesigned for greater accuracy
- Completely redesigned Jbeam with good shape, and some are made from scratch
- Most of the textures have been redesigned and translated to PBR
- Advanced selection of heavy parts, without useless parts. Now each trimmer gives signals... they are configured separately
- Working odometer and clock
- 50 configurations from the beginning of E34 to the end, with some special ones such as polizei, dirt track, rally, drift, race (518i and 524TD are planned for further updates)
- Some rare E34, such as Ceccoto M5, m540i...
- Each config has its own inscription
- New tuning parts such as Hella heckblend, racing parts, etc...
- Window stickers (#Boiserie, starfobar, Need for Drive Team...)
- USDM material
- Customizable interior with multiple options and multiple interior materials + colorable leather
- 7 steering wheels
- BMW Style wheels 2,5,20,21,37,68, Alpina and AC Snithzer
- BMW colors
- Each configuration has its own gearbox with precise ratio and weight

- M20B20/B25 I6 engine with grid, tuning, custom sound
- M30B30/B35 I6 engine with grid, tuning, custom sound
- M50B20/B25 I6 engine with grid, tuning, custom sound
- M51B25 I6 diesel engine with grid, tuning
- S38B36/B38 I6 engine with grid, tuning, custom sound
- RB26/28 I6 engine with grid, tuning, custom sound (replaced the old one with my tokyo mustang)
- M60B30/40 V8 engine with grid, tuning, custom sound

In the version from 02/01.24:
- Fixed a problem with force feedback;
- Sensor lighting problem caused by version 0.31 has now been fixed;
- Redesigned the M51D25 engine.

Credits: Smok2, matissator


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