Autron Petitron / Autron P1 0.6.2
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MOD Autron Petitron / Autron P1 0.6.2 for BEAMNG.DRIVE

Version 0.6.2 adds only custom handlebars to right-hand drive salons.

List of changes

- Custom handlebars for right-hand drive interiors.
Brief description of the car
The Autron Petitron (or P1) is a small and simple French car based on the Ibishu Covet, it is mainly known in France as a car that can drive through narrow streets without problems, and it was a really cheap car to buy. It was released to consumers in mid-1989, and it was a great opportunity for novice drivers and for poor people.

The name of the company Autron was obtained by taking 3 letters from the name Citroen and Automobile. Petitron also takes 3 letters from Citroen and the Wordpetit (small in French).

The Petitron or P1 is the original version of the car sold in France and around the world. Only the LXM is sold internationally under the name Petitron instead of P1. (1989-1999 for the original, 1996-2005 for facelift)

Inde - the Indian version of the Petitron, includes short bumpers, a 1.0-liter 3-cylinder carburetor engine, a dashboard without functions and without a group of tachometers, has only 2 configurations, a hatchback. and the van. (1996 - 2005)

SportPower is a sports version of the Petitron with slightly modified DOHC engines of 1.3, 1.4 and 1.5 liters. includes special bumpers, spoilers and a special instrument cluster, has 4 configurations: SportC, SportS, SportL and SportL Turbo. (1990 - 1999)

The Petitron-e or P1-e is an electric version of the Petitron. Available in CM and SM configurations, includes electrical parts and a green-themed dashboard. (1996 - 2005)

History and development
Autron appeared in 1978 as a company that produces automotive engines and electronics for cars, their engines are very cheap and easy to assemble, and 3 years later, in 1981, they became popular in automotive electronics. industry. Sometime in 1985, Autron became a partner of Ibishu, because of this, Autron announced that they would build their first car based on the Ibishu car, but make it smaller, cheaper, simpler and clearer, but for this they need to wait until Ibishu makes drawings of a new car that they plan to make in the future. At the end of 1986, Ibishu made the first drawings of a new car called "Covet", and these drawings were copied and sent to Autron. After receiving the drawings, development began. The main thing that has changed is its size, which makes it much shorter than the size of the original Covet, a different design of the back and front, and a different interior. There have been minor changes to the interior, such as the removal of the rear seats to increase space, the absence of head restraints on the seats to save money and the location of the central air vents of the climate control. In 1988, after 2 years of development and 1 year after the release of the Ibishu Covet, Autron presented to the public a concept car called Autron PV1 (Petite Voiture). Later, the car was renamed the Petitron, and for international markets — the P1, and in 1989 the car was released. In 1990, Autron released a version of the Petitron for the US market with wide bumpers and other engine options. In the same year Autron created a sports line based on the Petitron called SportPower, it has 3 versions: SPORC, SportS and SportL, each of which has a version of the DOHC engine, but they are modified to be much more powerful than the regular versions of the Petitron, only the SportL had a turbocharged version and a version for North America, whereas the other two only had a North American version. Autron in 1996 released an Indian version of the car called Inde (India in French), this is the only version with a 3-cylinder engine, which, of course, was sold only in India. Autron Petitron ceased production in 2000 and 2005 for Inde and Facelift, in total more than 20 million cars were sold.

This is my first mod that is not a configuration package or an automation export mod, I have never done such mods in my life, and I am very pleased to learn something new for me, and at the same time do something that my imagination can do. I started modifying something based on Ibishu Covet in October 2021, and then I was doing the Cherrier H200 (those who were on the official BeamNG discord server then, you probably saw it), but it was more like learning how to mod how these things work and how to understand them, and after I finished making the Cherrier H200, I didn't release it, instead I decided to work on something more than just replacing the icon textures with others, this time I decided to do something small, and on December 9, 2021, I started making concepts for a new mod (you can take a look at one of the concepts below), which was originally planned as a Japanese car, but instead I made it French again, but instead of Cherrier, I decided to make a new brand called Autron based on Renault, Aixam (google) and Peugeot, and also on my imagination. Even though it's still a Covet clone, bootleg, whatever you call it, it's much more customizable than Covet, I don't mean it has a lot of bumpers or 100 tailgate options, I mean it's separate from the parts. the body, such as the dashboard, engine compartment elements and others, and not the body, has separate parts, the rear panel/panel, for example, has a separate icon when the Covet is not divided.

Credits: ibishucovet1987.txt


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