Autron CVP Petitron / P1 / Inde / SportPower v1.3.2 (0.28.X)
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The Autron Petitron (or P1) is a small and simple French car based on the Ibishu Covet, it is mainly known in France as a car that can drive through narrow streets without problems, and it could be bought very cheaply. It was released to consumers in mid-1989, and it was a great opportunity for novice drivers and for poor people.

Compared to Ibishu Covet:
- Has most of the divided parts;
- Has more engine options, transmission and other parts;
- Has more configs;
- Remaking textures;
- Has a right-hand drive interior (optional);
- More details for tuning;
- Based on an older version of Ibishu Covet from (also known as the penultimate pre-remaster version);
- Has a coupe, van and convertible body;
- 17 engines (+2, if you count the 1.9-liter diesel with variants of strong dark smoke).

In version 1.3.2:
- Added Autron white steel wheels.

Credits: ibishucovet1987


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