2018 Dodge Durango SRT
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Mod car 2018 Dodge Durango SRT for BeamNG.drive

Features of this mod

    Working sensors (fuel level and temperature do not work)
    Edited by jbeam
    Fully working lights
    PBR materials (Hur dur)
    Bad underside, clearly not from ETK800.
    Their wheels
    7 configurations to choose from
    Custom sounds (Forza Motorsport 4 or 7 I forgot which one)
    Durango model (Forza Horizon 4 or 3 kek, also yes it has a smelly glitch

Problems that I know of. Please note that this is WIP

    Inner wings not aligned properly
    Fault physics is rubbish
    Rear roof beam does not fully match the model
    Some textures are out of place (for example, seams in the interior)
    Inner wings snap into a small part of the door frame (not seen until the door breaks completely)
    Dash stickers are slightly off the buttons they should be
    Some UV Problems for Dash Stickers
    Pedals do not work
    Dirty front bumper support
    The flashes do not move into place and also have strange rotation.
    Unpainted skins break when you move the chrome slider
    Bullbar, when cast, causes the particle to break glass upon respawn or respawn.
    The middle screen looks like a white screen or just like a screen with no texture.
    The hinges are not attached to the desired location

Credits: BryceSTP


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