Stanowice Region v0.4 (0.28.X)
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The Stanovica Region is a fictional map located in Poland, which shows small rural areas and medium-sized cities (in the future).

The map will have (possibly):
- Full AI traffic support;
- Realistic looking landscapes;
- Good views;
- A wide variety of roads, terrain;
- Railway tracks.

In version 0.4:
- Bus stops have been updated;
- Lower street lights for more realism;
- More road signs;
- Minor fixes where grass covered fragments of the road;
- The new town of Smallvice is in the center of the map, currently it is not quite finished yet;
- The texture of the sidewalk has been globally changed to a darker one;
- Increased Stanovice and added a forest around them.

Credits: Robloxian


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