Stanowice Region v1.6.5ab (0.29.X)
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In version 1.6.5ab:
- Changed the default time to 15:30;
- Added a missing curb in the car dealership in Branevo, as well as missing inscriptions on the roads;
- Fixed the arrow pointing straight, although it was possible to turn right only near the car dealership in Branevo;
- Added some signs that were previously missing near Smallvitz and Boshkovo, as well as several trees;
- Small optimizations;
- Fixed a small bug with a road in Chelnavich and a garage in Molovica.

Stanovica and the edge is a large rfhnf centered around the small village of Stanovice, within the fictional voivodeship of Afterbraniewski (PL: Województwo pobraniewskie [License plate FBW]). It has several country roads, as well as dirt roads, several small and several large cities, highways and much more!

The map is on the map:
- In total, you have to explore 5 cities (Stanovice, Chelnavice, Smolvice, Branevo and Branevo-Molovice);
- Large size, 2x2 km in size;
- Fully working AI;
- All roads and even some access roads are mapped by GPS;
- Realistic landscapes.

Credits: Consor,Nanomisc,crossvvay,its_tom


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