River Highway 1.2
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MOD River Highway 1.2 for BEAMNG.DRIVE

A huge 8x8 km map with over 200 km/125 miles of roads to explore.
Warning: This card will not work on weak computers. Like other large modified cards for the game, this one also requires a good computer with a lot of RAM.
Your computer must be able to run official maps to be able to run this.

The development of this map began back in 2019 and has finally reached a point that I consider worthy of release.
There is still a long way to go, as only half of the map is finished, however, there is already a lot of content to explore.

Current Features:
More than 200 km/125 miles of roads of all types, including many highways stretching across the map.
A wide winding river with a dam at its source.
A large airport with a runway of 2.1 km/1.3 miles, suitable for all currently available aircraft modifications, including the AN-12.
Various structures and attractions, such as wind turbines, radio masts, water towers and factories.
The city and other small settlements.
There are a lot of dirt roads.
Railway loop (Note: Unfinished and may not work properly — I noticed that trains can easily derail on turns).

Additional notes:
AI traffic is supported, but it is known that there are problems in some places, especially at intersections.
Warning: This card is large and complex, so I can't guarantee that it will work well on all computers!
It should be obvious that only the completed area is completed. Somewhere outside of it there is no guarantee that it will be possible to drive it.
The lighting is set for daytime only.

Credits: unyxium


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