River Highway v1.6 (0.32.x)
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A huge 8x8 km map with over 200 km/125 miles of roads to explore.

Current functions:
– More than 200 km/125 miles of roads of all types, including many highways stretching across the map.
– A wide winding river with a dam at its source.
– A large airport with a 2.1 km/1.3 mile runway, suitable for all currently available aircraft modifications, including the AN-12.
- Various structures and attractions such as wind turbines, radio masts, water towers and factories.
– The city and other small towns.
– There are a lot of dirt roads.
– Railway loop (Note: unfinished and may not work properly — I noticed that trains can easily derail on turns).

Additional notes:
– AI traffic is supported, but it is known that problems occur in some places, especially at intersections.
– Warning: This card is large and complex, so I cannot guarantee that it will work well on all computers!
– The lighting is set for daytime only. I didn't spend the time needed to fix everything else.

In version 1.6:
– Overhaul of the runway/airport;
– The terrain resolution has been doubled from 4K to 8K. The vertical height of the world landscape has been changed, doubling the visible resolution;
– Landscape materials have been converted to PBR;
– Some road materials have been updated to PBR;
– The point of appearance of the recreation area on the highway has been removed, the default point of appearance is now closer to the city at the gas station;
– Improved ocean visuals;
– Improved the quarry landscape;
– Cleaning of many roads (precision of the grass edge, smoothness of the road);
– The bridge over the river near spawn has been replaced with a new arch bridge;
– Added more fences;
– The ground cover of the grass is scaly, so it is smaller;
– Updated thumbnails;
– Many resources have been renamed and the order of files has been changed;
– Some old materials and textures have been removed.

Credits: unyxium


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